Drain Unblocking Services in Tauranga

Drain Unblocking Services in Tauranga, Te Puke, Katikati, Papamoa, Te Puna & Mount Maungaui

Our fully equipped service truck with its high pressure – high flow rate hydrojetting unit and amazing Warthog nozzle can tackle the toughest drain blockage.

Common causes for blockages are …

1  Obstructions (often items like debris, concrete, balls and children’s toys find there way into drains)

2  Root infiltration * (a very common problem, particularly in older homes with earthenware pipes)

*(Note: If you are experiencing blockages on a regular basis. This is often caused by root infiltration. Our powerful hydrojetter with its Warthog nozzle will cut out fine roots and for larger roots we use our Heavy Duty Ridgid root cutter to remove roots from the drains in quick time)

3   Collapsed drains or broken pipes

Some times drains don’t block completely, some times they are just slow to discharge. (indicating a partial blockage or obstruction)  Maybe you have got use to it…. learned to live with it...

Well, you don’t have to!

Go on, make the call 0800 367 758 - We flush your problems away !